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Preparing for Puppy
recommended items to have before puppy comes home


We find it best to start small and build with your pups preferences!

Collar & Leash

You can use the collar of your choice but remember to ALWAYS remove it before putting your puppy in the crate!


Plan to have dedicated puppy zones in your home for the first few weeks.

Food & Water

Here's what your puppy will be eating when they come home and a guide to foods you should always avoid!


There’s not much to grooming Goldens! A good bath, trim around the paw pads/feet, and nail trimming will do the trick.


We suggest 4 different styles of toys for these first few weeks: squeaker toy, crinkly toy, ball, and a chew toy (not rawhide).


Treats are an essential key to rewarding your puppy during training because they will be highly food motivated.

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