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We suggest 4 different styles of toys for these first few weeks: squeaker toy, crinkly toy, ball, and a chew toy (not rawhide).


You can make interesting toys as well – balls in tube socks tied up, old plastic soda bottles (and plastic soda bottles in a sock is intriguing too), old washcloths (to pull or carry around in their mouth) and physical challenges like boxes to climb on or a chair tunnel to walk through. We do not suggest using old shoes or articles of clothing as they may get confused about what belongs to people and what belongs to him/her.

We also like to keep Kongs on hand for pups especially! You can start off with the puppy size and as they grow upgrade to a medium or large. We like to put kibble and peanut butter (we opt for all-natural varieties as they have less salt and sugar) in them and give them as a treat as they go in the crate or anytime we need to keep them busy. To make them more of a challenge or to help the puppy as they theethe you can stick filled kongs in the freezer! If you choose this method its nice to have a few on hand to rotate through.

Lick mats are a great tool to use to engage your pups brain and soothe the. You can put PB, Greek yogurt, sweet potato, etc. on them and freezing them makes it extra tricky!

Some of our favorite chew toys:

  • Nylabone Chews - they make puppy & large dog sizes. You can start with puppy but they’ll outgrow them quick.

  • Benebone - another durable brand that the dogs love to gnaw on!

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