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Food & Water

Here's what your puppy will be eating when they come home and a guide to foods you should always avoid!

Food & Water

Food: Your puppy will come home with a starter bag of Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy food. If you want to change brands, take a week to slowly decrease the amount of Purina Pro Plan while increasing the percentage of the other puppy food. Golden Retriever’s are chow hounds! We recommend using a slow feed style bowl to keep them from scarfing their food down too fast.

While we don’t recommend feeding people food to your puppy, we know it happens! Take some time to familiarize yourself with this list of people foods that dogs can and can’t eat.

Water: Water should be available at all times, but not at night while potty training. Use a bowl that can’t be tipped (i.e. heavy or in a holder) and plan to put a towel or mat under the bowl – they’ll be sloppy at first! Don’t place it where they would naturally be jumping around to play.

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