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Treats are an essential key to rewarding your puppy during training because they will be highly food motivated.


Because of the almost constant need to treat your pup, feeding a large amount of fancy treats can quickly lead to an overweight dog. Our best advice is to really make use of your puppy kibble! In the early days, we’ve supplemented entire meals while training our pups. Keep a bag on hand with you and use it to reward your puppy for doing the right thing (acknowledging you when you say their name, using the potty outside, going into the crate, sitting when asked, etc.).

We know that kibble can get boring - so here are some other recommendations to feed sparingly:

  • Freeze dried chicken or beef liver (you can break up the chunks into smaller pieces)

  • Small training treats like these Zuke’s Mini Naturals

  • Hot dogs! If your pup gets bored with the kibble, cut up some hot dogs (small pieces) and they won’t leave your side! We recommend only using them during intentional training sessions.

If you need an entertaining mealtime activity, try putting their dinner in this wobble toy!

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