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Puppy Prep Checklist

We've created a list of items that we use and recommend having on hand before you bring your new puppy home. 


Puppy-proofing Your Home

Puppies will chew nearly anything, so make sure that there are no valuables at puppy-level or things that could be poisonous (plants, medications, etc.) to them or be a choking hazard. Hide any cords and cables that would shock puppy if they chewed on them.


Be careful of small trash cans that could hold some smelly trash that would be enticing to a puppy and make sure that any cabinets with accessible food are closed off. 


Your puppy should be under supervision or in a crate or exercise pen at all times until they’re mature enough to roam free without getting in trouble or causing themselves harm. You can also use baby gates to block off areas you don’t want your puppy wandering into. 


If you have a yard that the puppy will be playing in often, make sure to inspect for any potential escape routes or holes that the puppy could get through. You’ll also want to make sure that they don’t have access to anything potentially hazardous or poisonous like weed killer, fertilizer, or poisonous plants (list linked here). If your yard has lots of pine cones or rocks, you’ll want to remove them or keep a close eye on the puppy because he/she will try to eat them!


Don't Skip this Step!

Set up an appointment for your puppy wellness check the day after or the Monday after the weekend you pick up. We recommend doing this even before picking up the puppy as many vet offices are booking well in advance.  


Choose a vet that has good reviews online or is known by a friend. Some things to consider/ask when choosing a vet:

  • Do they have open hours on Saturdays? 

  • Do they handle after hours emergencies, or where do you go/call? 

  • Do they have x-ray ability? 

  • Do they specialize in any particular surgery or animal? 

  • Do they offer other services like boarding, grooming, nail trimming, etc.?


For your first visit, you’ll want to accomplish/ask the following:

  • Get a vaccination schedule for puppy and expected fees.

  • Ask the recommendations on feeding based on your puppy’s weight

  • Ask for recommended heart worm, flea & tick prevention meds and the schedule on which you should give them. 

  • Ask your vet how to know when your puppy isn’t feeling well (Goldens famously don’t show it very easily). 

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