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Picking Up Puppy

When pick up day arrives (yay!), we recommend picking up the puppy earlier in the day if possible. This way you can plan the rest of the day to be at home letting puppy explore, showing him/her where to potty, introducing them to the crate, and playing!


Plan to take her/him out to potty at least every 30 minutes the first 3 days and use a word like “outside” or “go potty” every time they go out as their cue.

When you get home...

If you have other dogs, we recommend letting puppy meet them in a neutral space like outside in the yard first. Let them get to know each other (on leash) in the yard and, once they seem comfortable, walk them into the house together. Read this for more tips!

Give puppy a tour! Let them relieve themselves before going in (on leash). Introduce them to their toys and especially the door to go outside to the bathroom. 

Rather than leaving them to play on their own, use this time to interact! Let them see that “all good things” come from you! Rather than putting all of the toys out on the floor, use one at a time to play with them using a lot of praise (that’s the way girl, fantastic!, good boy, what a great puppy you are, etc.). By playing with them this way, they’ll remember how fun you are! 

At this point in their life, to ensure they are only getting positive vibes and to keep the development of fear away, do not use negative words or physical correction. Instead, when they are chewing something you don’t want chewed – distract them with something more interesting (and put whatever that was out of reach). 

We recommend having a small confined space where you are with them most of the first few days – and only gradually allow them in other spaces as they learn not to use inside spaces for elimination.

Research ideas on potty training – but whatever you do take them outside frequently (especially after they wake up) and do a LOT of praising, even treating with their kibble, when they do their business. Consistency is paramount. Catching them in the act outside to praise them immediately afterward is your ticket to success. Make sure the access to the outside is easy and quick for them. We have used bells on our doors in the past and it’s amazing how fast they learn to use them!

Bedtime: If you are crate training (highly recommended), throw treats in at least 3 times before bed (this can be at different times throughout the day) and praise him/her for entering the crate. Use the “comfort rag” we give you the first few nights. We will have them familiarized with the crate before they go home to help with the transition. (More on crate training on next page.)

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